One-Time Data Call

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Are you an railway undertaking?

You hand over a train set to a subsequent railway undertaking. The subsequent railway undertaking discovers a flat spot and has the wagon keeper reimburse the repair costs. The freight wagon keeper now holds your company responsible for the damage and claims the costs from you.

This can be very expensive for flat spots! To avoid bearing the costs, you must prove that you did not cause the damage.

Are you a freight wagon keeper?

A railway undertaking claims repair costs for a flat spot from you. As a freight wagon keeper, you must bear these repair costs if the railway undertaking responsible cannot be identified.

This can be very expensive for flat spots! To avoid bearing the costs, you must prove who actually caused the damage.

With the One-Time Data Call, you can request data from us once and obtain proof simply and easily.

Your advantage

You can use the data to check the condition of the damaged vehicle and clarify who is responsible for the damage. In this way, the data helps you to avert the costs of repairs and thus save costs.

This is how the One-Time Data Call works:

  • You send us an enquiry via sales(at) and let us know the UIC wagon number and the period you would like to check.

  • We will check the availability of the data during this period. If data is available, you will receive an offer from us for its use.

  • Once the order has been placed, we will provide you with the information by e-mail and in the form of imagery and a prepared Excel file.

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