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Our Pulsar

The AI-driven wayside monitoring system


Our Pulsar is an innovative AI-driven wayside monitoring system based on various sensor technologies. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, powerful microphones and an RFID reader, it can be easily installed next to your infrastructure thanks to its compact housing.

By using 200 images per second, the Pulsar captures passing freight wagons, whose data is then analysed using computer vision and AI processes. In addition to important process data such as UIC wagon numbers, wagon sequence and external views, we also record condition data such as brake blocks, wheelset damage, hazardous goods and graffiti.

Our pulsars can be set up within one to two days without the need for authorisation or installations in or above the track. They are placed up to a maximum distance of 8 metres from the track and can detect trains at full speed of up to 200 km/h.

All that is required for technical operation is a conventional 230 V / 16 A mains connection. Data is usually transferred to the cloud via LTE or 5G connections.

  • Fast assembly
    Set up within 1-2 days.
  • Simple installation
    Only a standard power connection is required for operation.
  • No authorisation effort
    No intervention in and above the track necessary.
  • Data transmission
    Data can be transmitted via internet connection, LTE or 5G.

Our customer groups

Discover how Wayside Monitoring can enrich you.

Industries, Terminals & Ports

Our Pulsar monitors all trains arriving at your premises, enabling efficient incoming goods handling. By recording process data, the freight wagons are precisely allocated. With information on the wagon sequence, you save additional time and costs and increase productivity in your internal processes. The Pulsar also records the condition of the wagons, which enables proof of liability to be provided and reduces costs during loading and unloading, as no damaged wagons need to be reloaded. This makes it easier to put together new train formations. We are always ready to work with you to develop additional use cases to further optimise your processes.


Our Pulsar enables you to maintain an overview of your infrastructure at all times by knowing exactly what is happening on your tracks. Who is currently travelling on the infrastructure, are train lengths and speeds being adhered to or is the infrastructure being used a lot with damaged wagons. For tunnel operators in particular, monitoring before entering a tunnel is an ideal way of checking wagons before they enter so that the tunnel is always safe to pass through. In addition, the Pulsar offers a potential new revenue stream through the sale of data to fleet owners, and by using our Pulsar alongside your infrastructure, you can achieve reduced downtime and support the maintenance of your assets.

Wagon keepers & railway undertakings

In addition to pulsars in private infrastructures, we also operate our own public pulsar network. This offers freight wagon keepers the opportunity to monitor their entire fleet and use the data obtained for predictive and condition-orientated maintenance. You receive detailed information about the current condition of your wagons. As a railway undertaking, you know whether there are any defective wagons in your train. In this way, you can pass on the relevant information to your wagon inspector before departure in order to organise the train process faster and more precisely. In addition, our network supports you in rejecting detention stops. Use our one-time data call for this application.
to the one-time-data-call

Our measurement data

Process data
You receive a general overview of the wagon or the entire train.

Condition data
You can find out the condition of the wagons or the entire train.

Provision of measurement data

You will receive access to our web portal with the Train Check, Fleet Check and Wagon Check interfaces. All information is presented to you visually here. In addition to our portal, you can also receive the data via an interface.


The train check offers a clear visualisation of your trains with a direct display of the wagon sequence and high-resolution detailed views. If required, the tabular wagon list can be downloaded at the touch of a button. You can also see any warnings at a glance as well as critical conditions of brake blocks and wheelset damage, in addition to the presence of graffiti and hazardous goods.


With our fleet check, you can keep an eye on your entire fleet at all times, clearly organised in a tabular list. At a glance, you receive detailed information about when and where each vehicle was recorded and what condition it is in. This gives you full control over your fleet at all times and allows you to react quickly to current developments.


You can take a closer look at a wagon in the wagon check. Here you have the option of delving into the individual measurement data and, for example, looking at the brake block or listening to the wheelset damage. You also have access to historical measurements, so you can analyse how the condition of a wagon has changed over time or how long it has been damaged.


Do you want the data directly fed into your system? We offer both standard interfaces (with data fields and structure specified by us) and the implementation of customised solutions based on our measurement data. You always have the choice of whether we should actively send you the data as soon as it is available (PUSH) or whether you would prefer to retrieve it on demand (PULL).

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