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Predictive maintenance for all

State-of-the-art data service

Individual data – presented clearly

Our clients can choose which data they want to receive about their freight wagons. In any case, we offer a clear presentation of all information on the technical condition of all locomotives and wagons. Our clients can see immediately whether there is any critical wear, and when and how maintenance is required.

Wagon identification

Our wagon identification not only provides the UIC number, but also all information on wagon class/type, number of axles, direction of travel and important Keeper information.


We record the entire wagon. Our wagon print gives a direct view of the side of the wagon, including information about the wagon orientation. Obvious damage can thus be seen at a glance.

Brake blocks

We provide information on brake block thickness. In addition, you will receive recommendations for action, e.g. if wedge-shaped brake blocks are detected.

Wheel flats

Depending on the respective location, our wheel flat detection may be performed acoustically, or force based. Both methods detect tread defects on the wagons and issue warnings.

Axle load

We weigh in motion via an automatic measurement of the wheel contact force of the vehicles. This allows us to determine the axle loads, asymmetrical loading, vehicle weight and train weight.

Wheel profile

We measure wheel flange thickness and height, flank dimension, wheel back-to-back distance, tread hollowing and equivalent conicity. The optimum maintenance time may be determined based on the evolution of these values.

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Our measuring stations

We have set up our own measuring stations at main railway lines, industrial site entrances, seaports and terminals. By constantly expanding our locations, we ensure extensive network coverage and repeated measurements of the wagons. We continuously check the measuring quality at all stations. At the same time, we keep the stations up to date with the latest technology.

A big thank you to all our partners on whose properties we are already permitted to operate today! Our measuring stations do not take up much space, four square meters next to the track plus power supply are sufficient. We lay a base plate and install the measuring station with a forklift truck. Everything is set up within a day. Due to our swarm intelligence, our data is available directly.